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Interior Designer Los Angeles

Interior Designer Los Angeles

Hancock Park

Our work may be upscale, but our process is pleasantly down-to-earth.

Enjoy high-end design with a personal feel and simple elegance.


Perfect for clients seeking a comprehensive design journey, our full-service design package transforms your spaces into thoughtful & beautiful homes. Whether you need a single room makeover, a multi-room update, or a complete home redesign, we help you craft a home that reflects your personal style and unique identity.

  • Establish and refine a cohesive design concept
  • Space planning, floor plans, and renderings 
  • Selection of materials, finishes, paint, lighting, window treatments, furnishings, and décor
  • Sourcing and procurement services
  • Access to exclusive trade resources & specialized brands
  • Comprehensive project management from start to finish

Contact us to schedule a discovery call to see if your project is a good fit.


We begin our Full Service Interior Design journey with a consultation where we discuss your needs & requirements for your project, your budget, your aesthetic likes and dislikes and your overall goals in order to create a customized design proposal. 

This service is also perfect for clients seeking occasional advice, one off questions or coaching on making the right selections and decisions.

  • Offer feedback on your existing design plan and direction
  • Advise on material choices, color palettes, furnishings, and decor.
  • Advise on art



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What clients are saying...

"I hired Claire from Mint Home Decor to design the nursery for our baby girl. She has a great eye and a clean modern aesthetic that I really liked. I wanted the nursery to be girly but have a modern feel, and not be too frilly. She knew exactly what I wanted and sent boards to me with her ideas. She was very easy to work with, accommodating and collaborative. After we finalized the designs, Claire ordered all the pieces and kept everything organized on a spreadsheet that helped keep me on budget. She also helped me arrange the room. I love how it turned out and am happy every time I spend time in that room. I get lots of compliments on her work. I look forward to working with Mint Home Decor again in the future."

Staci Morris

"What I admire about Claire is that she really listened to our needs and ideas and came up with a stylish and cohesive look. She has a bona fide talent with color and paint, and was always able to offer selections within our budget. Claire is able to read a space, create a vision, and make it into a reality that has generated many compliments when people walk into our home. She is always very professional and I highly recommend her."

Laura Rissman

"With a small basement studio condo and minimal natural lighting, Claire was thankfully able to bring in some of her own California sunshine to our Seattle home. I believe our job may be one of the hardest with 500 sqft, a large dog, a budget, mixed in with the fact that she was hired by two artists who are naturally very opinionated and have very specific tastes. Despite having an art/design background ourselves, we hired out because we realized that we needed to have some help in settling our home rather than constantly projecting and critiquing it as if it were our artwork. It was essential to have Claire as the main backbone; to initiate and do the original decoration, then as a collaborator, and sometimes to tell us "no" and push us further. She was nearly always available for a quick call or as a delivery stand-in. We are thrilled every day when we walk into our home and would highly recommend to anyone that you give her the opportunity to bring in some of her warmth and charm to yours as well."

J MacCracken

"Claire is fantastic to work with! We've now worked with her 3 times over the course of 3 years to update our entire home. The first time, we hired her to fully design our living room and dining room, taking advantage of her full suite of services (ie design, scheduling, receiving shipments, etc.). She did a fantastic job with a tough situation: marrying my husband's clean/minimalist aesthetic with my ethnic/more feminine aesthetic, while also bringing in a few key pieces from my childhood. The result has been a comfortable, warm and stylish look that we LOVE. The second time, we hired for just a few hours to consult on our nursery. Once again, she did a fantastic job of helping me to narrow down my ideas to things that were executable and within budget. She even recommended vendors and next steps. We LOVE our son's nursery! Finally, she most recently did our bedroom, doing a great job of addressing our space/storage concerns and again, marrying my husband's desire for a clean look with my request for some feminine touches. We would highly recommend Claire for any situation - she has a great design sense, she understands budgets, and she's very open to working with what you want, from high-end to low-end. She also provided a lot of options for us, for example when we didn't like the initial living room lamps but were debating how much we wanted to spend. Thanks, Claire, for all the advice and work!"

M Winter